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First, did you search to make sure this is not a repost?

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Help us gather the best deals and coupons so everyone can save!

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  • Do a search to make sure this is not a repost.
  • Do submit deals with historic low prices or near historic low prices on quality products from known retailers.
  • Do use a price research tool such as Google Shopping to compare prices.
  • Do make sure you provide the link, if you send in a deal from another blog so I can give them credit.
  • Do include a breakdown of the price and the savings.
  • Do include the steps that may be required to get the deal.
  • Do include an expiration date, if known.
  • Do include product information and details.
  • Do include merchant information and details.

Do Not...

  • Do not submit deals to our personal e-mail accounts, our personal social networks, through Facebook, through Linkedin, or attempt to call us to submit a deal.
  • Do not use the this free "Submit A Deal" page if you're a business, blog owner, etc., (Business Ads coming soon!)

Title & Description are the only “required” fields, however the more information you can provide, the more it helps everyone else.

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