Coupon Wallet (+GIVEAWAY) – Coupon Organizer ~ Part 2


You would think a subject like a coupon organizer wallets would be a very small topic to cover, but it isn’t! Coupon organizer wallet choices vary from the cheap-o dollar store brand to the high dollar-multi-functional, to homemade DIY coupon organizer wallets! If you missed our first post in this Coupon Organizing series, you can read it here. I am only going to cover the basics of deciding and purchasing a coupon organizer wallet. I will try to include specific types (DIY’s, particular brands, etc.,) in another article, at a later date.


Coupon organizer wallets are fantastic for light to moderate coupon users. They usually have 12 – 13 slots. So few slots are not near enough space to have my paper coupons adequately organized! I think what most coupon organizer wallet users do is to have 12-13 broad categories (or isles)  and all the coupons from that category/isle go into that one little slot! All bunched up together! Being the organizational freak that I am, this system didn’t last very long for me, but I must confess I still have a single coupon organizer wallet that I carry for quick trips to the store. (more on that later). If you’re like me and prefer things all neat and organized, then this type of coupon holder may not be right for you! To me, it feels small, and I feel like I waste more time in the store fumbling through the slots looking for what I need! But I digress. This article is to help decide if the coupon organizer wallet is right for you!

To determine if a coupon organizer wallet is going to fit your clipping personality, you will need to decide something right up front. USER TYPE A: You plan to cut every coupon you see. USER TYPE B:  Your only going to cut coupons for items you usually purchase and products you’d like to try? If your USER TYPE A, then the coupon organizer wallet is not going to be the best fit for you. A coupon organize wallet merely is too small to accommodate that many coupons! If this is you, you might want to watch for the upcoming articles on Coupon Organizer Boxes, Binders, and other large coupon keepers.  However, if your USER TYPE B then a coupon organizer wallet might be perfect for you.


dollar tree Coupon Organizer wallet

Dollar Tree Coupon Organizing  Wallets


When deciding which coupon organizer wallet to purchase, you need to think about some features that might not occur to someone who has never used a coupon organizer wallet regularly. What also comes into play here is your budget! If all you can afford to start with is a Dollar Tree version, then, by all means, get one or make one. The cheap Dollar Tree versions will fall apart faster, but I’ve been there! Sometimes you just have to go with what you can afford, at the time. However, if your wanting a coupon organizer wallet that will last a little while, but cost a bit more these are the things to look for when selecting the perfect coupon organizing wallet for you:


Laminated Dividers are a must in my book. After opening and closing your coupon organizing wallet several hundred times throughout your many couponing trips, your dividers will begin to rip, fall off and become discolored. Having your dividers laminated avoids all of that frustration!

Lots of Dividers give you more organizing options. The more, the better! Try to look for a coupon organizing wallet with a minimum of 20 dividers.

Size matters! You should be able to fit a dollar bill inside the slots without folding it. If the width is too small, all of your larger coupons will have to be folded, and I can tell you from experience this is a mess to look through while you’re trying to shop.

Sturdy! You need to find a wallet that will withstand being pulled in and out of your purse, falling on the floor, being dropped and the occasional toddler who decides to give it the taste test!


I am a coupon-binder kinda girl, but I still carry a coupon organizing wallet in my purse for those really quick trips to the store, You know the ones I’m talking about! Where you late taking the kids to dance class, but you forgot to pack wipes and juice for the kids. There is no way your paying retail! Am I right ladies and gents? That’s the type of coupons I keep in my wallet… products we use every day! I do not keep all of my everyday coupons in my coupon organizing wallet, only a few of each. The bulk of my coupons, including my daily use products, is kept in my big coupon organizing binder. The coupon wallet I use [link to the one I use] is one I purchased in mid to late 2015, and it’s still holding up for me! I absolutely love it!


One reader is going to walk away with the same coupon organizing wallet that I use! To enter, and possibly win all you have to do is comment below, using a minimum of three relevant sentences! Spammy, two and three-word comments like “I want to win” or “I like it” will be deleted!





Hi! I'm Tammy. I love couponing, saving money and helping others. I have been couponing off and on for over 30 years. I am a mother, wife and animal advocate! I'm excited to help others learn how to save a boatload of money and time!

  1. Thanks for the tips on this area of couponing! It’s deginitely an important one if you plan to be able to utilize coupons in an efficient way… I can’t stand not being able to find what I’m looking for during a shopping trip! I’m thinking I need to create a coupon binder instead of the small thing I’m using now. Thanks again!
    Amanda Stovall

  2. About 7 years ago (Valentine’s 2011) my husband and I were at Kmart. He was making fun of me for my paper organizer that had seen better days (I had the thing for two years and it showed it wear). He took it upon himself and found a nice plastic one to replace my horribly worn out paper one.
    Seven years later I still do have it however, the thing shows it wear. Some of the plastic divides inside are no longer connected. Coupons fall out if I do not have the poor wrap thing that is overused closed.
    However, I will say it has to be the best Valentines gift he has ever gotten me in the 18 years we have been together.

  3. This looks great!

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