Coupon Writers Wanted

Guest Coupon Writers Wanted

Coupon Writers Wanted!! Are you an organized, experienced couponer who wants to cover the couponing/deals scene? is always looking for enthusiastic couponers who can report accurately and write engaging, informative content.

Get familiar with our products and style, first. Browse  Pitches are also welcome, as long as they’re specific and precise. Always check our website first to ensure it isn’t something we’ve exhausted the coverage on

On this page, find an overview of web posts we need, along with payment rates. Scroll down a bit further to see our writers’ FAQs.

Website Topics & Coverage

  • Reviews:  1,200-2,500 words with 3+ photos OR video. Can be anything deal/coupon related including products, resource websites, apps, books, – ANYTHING on the topics covered by couponing.  $10 with the required  3+ photos or video.

  • Confessions Of A Couponer: 1,200-2,500 words with one photo OR video. Self Explanatory. Controversial confessions. $10

  • The Blog (Feature): The short ones. Step by step guidelines, trends, and tips, how-to guides. 600 + words with required photo $8. (Optional Video add $5)

  • The Blog (Mini): Informative couponing, deal finding, How-To pieces on the topics covered within this website.  300-400 words with required photo $5.  (Optional Video add $5)

  • My Obsession: A 100+ word blurb on something your family loves (toy, product, app, book, website, etc.). Supply at least one photo. (couponing or deal related) $3.

  • Tips & Tricks: A 100+ word blurb on a clever hack or idea that’s been a lifesaver for your family. (couponing or deal related) photo not required  $3

  • Brag About Couponing: A 50+ word blurb on your Coupon Haul, with a picture, needed $3.


Writer FAQs

What is ‘Deals And Price Mistakes?’ What topics do you cover?
We focus on couponing, extreme couponing, deals, stacking coupons, price mistakes, the family life of a couponer – pretty much anything that will help a fellow couponer (or couponer wanna-be) find the best deals, make life easier and save money.

Do you have style or formatting preferences? What should my final story include?

Single spaces after paragraphs and punctuation. Left justify. No indents. Also include your “Author” information, including a short tagline (i.e., Jane Smith is a mother of two from Cranberry Township). Provide a suggested headline (Title).  And, for most pieces longer than 600 words, be mindful of including 2-3 subheads to break up the copy. All articles must be written in plain English, blog/friendly style… not business/salesman style.

When and how do I get paid?
If your submission is accepted and published on our website, we issue payments once a month, via PayPal.

Do you accept reprints ‘guest blogger’ posts?
No. We only web-publish original content specific to the topics surrounding couponing and budgeting with sales, coupons, etc..  We run all of our public submissions through software that detects reprints/plagiarism.

Can I pitch a web story to you that I’m also ‘shopping’ to another publication?
“Simultaneous submissions” are OK – just make sure to mark it as such, and notify us if another publication or website have accepted the submission. We won’t publish duplicate content that has run by another site, whether in print or online.

What if you don’t respond? Can I follow up?
If interested, we’ll respond. Follow-up queries don’t increase your odds of hearing from us. If we don’t reply within a month of your submission, it’s safe to assume that we’ve opted to pass.

Are there any specific topics you are currently needing?
Yes. Here are a few ideas to get you started, however, we welcome any topic concerning couponing, deals, bargain hunting, family life using coupons, etc.,

  • Couponing 101 For Beginners.
  • How Can You Use Coupons Online
  • How Can You Use Coupons With Food Stamps
  • What Order To Use Coupons At Target

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Hi! I'm Tammy. I love couponing, saving money and helping others. I have been couponing off and on for over 30 years. I am a mother, wife and animal advocate! I'm excited to help others learn how to save a boatload of money and time!

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