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Coupon overage may be something new to some of my readers and for others an every week occurrence. Coupon overage doesn’t happen that often for me, but when it does it feels like hitting the jackpot! I know most of you probably have tons of toothpaste hoarded away. Getting a lot of any one particular item while couponing is not new to couponers. Where I live though, there are no stores within 30 miles that double coupons. Deals like this are hard to come by! I recently found Colgate Enamel Health Sensitive Toothpaste, on clearance at Wal-Mart for .75 cents.I checked my coupon binder (which I never leave home without), and sure enough, I found 42 – $1.00 coupon from the 2/4 Smart Source newspaper insert!!!! SCORE, COUPON OVERAGE!!! Of course, I had to split up my booty into multiple shopping trips, ’cause coupon indicates “LIMIT 4.”



Wal-Mart Overage

I typically don’t waste my coupons at Walmart because of the stress involved (most of the time). I have a grocery store that doubles coupons up to a dollar, but its 30+ miles away. And yet still I would prefer to shop there! I only coupon shop at Walmart, typically if I’m getting paid or if there’s something that is so cheap that’s not the same price at another store.

Walmart allows for overage. So for every tube of toothpaste, I purchased I was getting back .25 cents!!! In Wal-Mart’s coupon policy they state ” If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.” With that said, if you ask for “cash”, it will require a supervisors override, and this is sometimes where the frustration and disagreements start! It is best to either have enough items in your cart to cover the amount of overage you will get back. This way you’re basically getting them for free! Or the alternative is to purchase a Walmart gift card, and the overage will go on there! To use the gift card method you’re going to just grab a blank gift card and swipe it for just a little over what your overages are going to be. So if you’re getting $7.20 in overages, just “buy” the gift card for $10. Yes, you’re forking out $2.80, but to me, it’s worth it not to have to hassle with store employees or throw stuff in my cart just for the sake of using up my overages! This way, my overages can be used at a later date when I really need something!

Overage Gift Cards

Coupon Overage

Source: Shinnston News

When I have a lot of gift cards obtained from coupon overages saved up, I use them to buy things that I need for my family. Recently I had to get my daughter a new dresser, and I had so many gift cards, I used them to buy her a dresser at no additional cost to me!!!  Once I had a tire blow out after hitting one our famous West Virginia potholes! I used the gift cards to get a tire for my car. Pretty good deal right?



Coupon Policy

When I do shop at Wal-Mart, I always have my coupon policy with me! Nobody wants to feel like they’re getting in a fight with the cashier. You certainly don’t want to do anything wrong. You don’t want to accidentally commit coupon fraud or anything like that, so the coupon policy is going to answer all of those questions for you and the store employees.








Hi! I'm Tammy. I love couponing, saving money and helping others. I have been couponing off and on for over 30 years. I am a mother, wife and animal advocate! I'm excited to help others learn how to save a boatload of money and time!

  1. I never knew that Walmart allows for overages. I have won free product coupons in the past and Walmart usually gives me a hard time redeeming them.

  2. No stores in our area doubles coupons. In fact I don’t even know any further away that does. 🙁

  3. I love coupon overages. I hate using coupons at Walmart. Either they are slow and other shoppers are irritated with me or it doesn’t take them. Other stores will work with me when a coupon doesn’t scan. Not Walmart.

  4. Just recently I had almost $3 in overages which applied to my total . Doesn’t sound like much but to me it was a fortune!

  5. I love overages but never seem to be able to get one. Thanks for explaining and giving th4e heads up on this one!

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