How To Coupon Like A Boy Scout

How To Coupon Like A Boy Scout? The Boy Scouts know what they are talking about when they say “be prepared”. That’s not only the Boy Scout motto it should be the Creed of every couponer. I’ve always read stories about great shopping trips of couponers who just happened to be in the store when they were closing out all of their drugs or toy items or any one of a dozen different scenarios. Each time the couponer was well-prepared and came home with stacks of stuff.

The Trip Home

About once a month our family travels back home to West Virginia. While there, I am able to double coupons. Before the trip, I get my coupons organized. This usually means cutting the inserts and have collected since the last trip and getting them in order. I have one file for the high-value coupons I will probably use, as well as those products I used all the time. The rest of the coupons are filed alphabetically in my coupon wallet.


Well, as they say, the best-laid plans. Not only did we leave much later than expected, but there was way more traffic than we ever encountered. This had to be the trip that my children, decided to stay awake and fight all the way. They were noisier and more rambunctious than usual. My Precious Little Darlings were behaving like full-fledged monsters! Oh, I tried bribery “if you’re good we’ll go to the restaurant”, but to no avail. Normally at least one would doze off during the boring ride, but this was not to be our luck this trip. The noise level continues to rise! There was no way that these angels were going to a restaurant. Instead, a decision was reached to stop off at a supermarket and find something they could eat for dinner.


My husband, the driver of the car, was on the verge of losing his mind. For some reason which I can’t fathom, he was getting upset and unable to concentrate. Next thing I knew, he had taken a wrong turn and we ended up I don’t know where. “Look, there’s a supermarket, we may as well dash in there and get something quick” where his famous last words. My thought was I wonder if they have double coupons.


As we pulled into the parking lot I couldn’t wait to find out. I looked at the entrance to find the most unusual sign place there. The sign said, “One-day only, Customer Satisfaction Day – triple coupons.” TRIPLE COUPONS! I screamed in a voice so loud that stopped the latest round of she hit me he hit me. I ran into the store and asked the rules figuring there had to be all sorts of limits. All coupons were triple to $0.99, a dollar triple to $2.25. This was indeed a couponers dream come true. Paradise on Earth.

Quickly I rushed to the cereal aisle I know I had just cut out some Rice Krispies $0.75 coupons where is it? 10 minutes later I had salvaged it from the ziplock bag. Meanwhile, my wonderful children are helpfully selecting $4.99 boxes of cereal which I have no coupons and putting them into the cart. For each, they are making me the ultimate promise but I’ll eat it. More valuable time wasted as I returned each box to the Shelf. Hubby now returns from his wandering to comment “I can’t believe that you’re in the same spot!”


Slowly, oh so slowly, I make my way up and down the aisles. Tabasco is on sale for $0.79. I’ll just check the T file for $0.25 coupons I know they’re here. Here’s one, here’s another…. oh no, this one is expired there goes the Tabasco back on the Shelf. As I continue to shop my husband and kids are getting hungrier and grouchier and crazier.

My toddler is having a great time opening all the freezer food cases and slamming them shut. It is well past bedtime and they have yet to eat! My husband tells me repeatedly that he is bored. I am frustrated. As my sweet, quiet children are singing songs at the top of their lungs and ice skating throughout the store, I reluctantly head for the checkout counter. I did not go near the dairy aisle. I have made only the briefest glances at the store flyer and I never saw the health and beauty area.

Lesson Learned

Saturday, a day too late, I  thoroughly organize my coupons. Every expired coupon, probably at least half are tossed out. I looked through the store flyer and cried all for all the deals I could have made. Still, I did buy over $65 worth of groceries for well under $10. More importantly, I’ve learned a valuable lesson Always be prepared.


Married, two kids (toddler and preteen) and 3 cats! PA resident. Originally from WV

  1. Wow great deal for you I miss the double coupon day’s all the stores where I live all stopped doing it. But my daughter and I go out of town every two weeks to a store that does double coupon so it makes it worth our trip.

  2. I remember the double coupons every Tuesday. It was the last of the flyers so, ended up getting rainchecks for everything.

  3. Wow, what an awesome deal! How lucky was it to be there on triple coupon day?! I’d love to start couponing – you’re definitely my motivation.

    • I miss the days when double coupons were the norm and triples were something we knew would happen, so we saved up all of our good c/o’s, waiting for the day!

  4. Oh my goodness, YES! I’ve had these problems a lot, fishing for coupons seems to take days and the kids will for sure try grabbing whatever they want and putting it in the cart. Even my hubby is sneaky like that, I’d love to be more organized, the coupons in a ziplock is very frustrating.

  5. Great story! Sounds familiar!! I would’ve told the hubby to take the kids to Mickey Ds and pick me up in an hour! 🙂 Lol!

    • I’ve had to do that a time or two. The family gets a little impatient when they get caught in the crossfire of mom finding great deals!

  6. i love it when it comes to triple coupons as its a huge saving and i like shopping anything with coupons as it saves me tons of money and i can buy my favorite things

  7. Triple coupons? Never heard of that!! We don’t even have double coupons any more.

    • Triples have become less and less frequent. I get them here, maybe once a year. I personally blame the “Extreme Couponing” show.

  8. It’s so hard to be prepared all the time. I find it harder and harder keeping up with coupons. By the time a good sale happens, they expire. I just try to save money the best I can. I did do great yesterday at Publix, though. Their clearance rack had hair color on sale and I had $2 and $3 dollar coupons. I got 5 boxes of hair color for $5 bucks!!

  9. I love these couponing stories my wife loves to coupon but never lucky enough to get double or triple the value

  10. This sounds similar to my couponing trips. My husband always gets grouchy.

  11. Love your stories, Makayla! While I’m reading this I had visions of the wild-out toddler slamming the freezers doors! We have all had those toddler moments!!! Thank you for sharing your story.

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