A New Baby And Couponing

A new baby. What a perfect addition to any family. Babies are adorable. They look at you with complete admiration and are entirely dependant on you. There’s nothing more soothing than to cuddle with a newborn.

Controlled Chaos

Life was exciting but routine at our house. My three older children, Casey, Arthur, and Melinda, we’re becoming more independent each day. No longer did they require my constant attention. I could do my couponing while they sat with me and helped. By help, I mean writing on expired coupons and continuous chatter. It was sometimes tense when the chatter grew to arguments. Once the arguing began the full-blown fighting between them wasn’t far behind, but hey I could take a deep breath, fill my coffee cup and continue my couponing.

My advanced breathing /Dr. Phil meditation would work until Melinda would decide to hit or scratch Arthur. I thought girls were supposed to be so calm and sweet. I’m always wondering what happened to mine! The only thing I can figure out is that when my sister was testing our parents’ patients, and they would say “I hope you have a child that acts just like you,” The stork made a slight error and gave me my sisters’ child!
Even as crazy as it would get here, I knew what was current when it expired, and how close I was to reaching my goal on specific coupons.

Baby Number Four

Then baby number four! Now I understand that grin on other couponers faces. It’s not a friendly smile; it’s a knowing smile. They knew what was in store for my very near future. After all, these couponing super moms had their shit together. They were wearing their red capes proudly! I haven’t earned my red cape yet. I don’t have this routine down at all. I’m a mess right now! My calm organized chaos has turned into something I do not recognize.

Drastic Change

I didn’t think one tiny baby would alter my life that much. Life, as I knew it, complete with time to coupon, has changed drastically. There has to be a way couponing can fit into my life. I see diaper coupons, baby food coupons all sorts of baby related coupon stuff. I know it can fit into my life. I’m just wondering how! When will I find the time?


I struggled to find a way to mix motherhood and couponing. As for finding time to fit it all in, I’m at odds here. If you have a newborn and still coupon, please tell me how. Share your red cape secrets with the rest of us.
Good luck to all of you, as you fit couponing into your schedule, whatever you’re busy obstacle might be.

  1. I used to organize my coupons a little bit at a time whenever the baby was taking a nap. I would ask people to help me coupon if I didn’t have time.

  2. It is so hard to find the time for anything with a newborn let alone couponing. I still haven’t figured it out. Best of luck. I know kids always wait until you are busy to want or need something too. It just comes with being a mom and trying to fit more hours into the day.

    • Isn’t that the truth! After raising 5 kids, you’d think I’d be used to it, but somedays I’m simply frustrated! If you find out where those extra hours in the day are hiding, let me know please, they are hiding from me too!

  3. This article really hits home! I love to coupon, but with 5 kids, youngest 6 months, its hard!

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