5 Ways I Save Money!

Just because my name ends with the initials R.N. doesn’t mean I have money to burn. I’m still paying off my school loans! So I’m a bargain shopper, Coupon Clipper, and a self-proclaimed tightwad. Feeding two adults, a toddler, a teenager, and three cats can be quite costly! Here are the 5 Ways I Save Money:


Coupons: (duh!) I have bought, sold (I mean charged a handling fee) and traded them. Now I just clip them from the Sunday paper and use the ones I get in the mail.  I am on as many manufacturers mailing list as I can find. The coupons these companies send to you are coupons you can’t typically find in your local Sunday paper! Answering ads in forums is a great way to get coupons. Usually, you spend $1 or $2, and in return, you’ll get a hundred or more coupons. Even if you use two $0.50 coupons and they get doubled, you’ve gotten your invest back. Chances are you can use more than two from any given trade! Regular traders are an excellent source too. I have two or three people I trade with every month. These are the regular traders who have proven (to me at least) to send the coupons that are worthwhile – no junk!


Couponing Blogs/Newsletters. I subscribed to big ones and small ones. They’re all great and have their own unique benefits. You can never have too many sources for savings! Plus, you can meet some great people along the way. These newsletters are full of such great information. You will find out that there are people out there just like you, people who save trash, form hunt in all the stores, coupon clip from every known source to man and they won’t think you’re crazy like most of your friends do!


The internet: I love the message boards and auctions. I recently started trading through some great coupon / refunding message boards. Technology is wonderful. Heck, I can remember back when everything was done with printed material and snail mail!  (Yep! I’m showing my age!!! LOL!) I’ve gotten some great coupons and other things this way. I’ve traded for a lot of Enfamil checks, points, and coupons. I recently made a trade for eight coupons for $2 off Purina kitten food. My poor cats have had to eat kitten food because I got such a good deal,  about $1.35 a bag! Also on the internet, you can access manufacturers home pages to check out the latest deals.

I’ve emailed a few companies with compliments, and they’ve asked for my mailing address so they could send me coupons! Cool! Also, I frequently visit the freebie sites. Most recently I signed up for a program called “My Points,” you answer surveys to earn points and, shop through their links. You redeem points at places like Olive Garden, Red Lobster and a lot of major stores. 


Thrift shops. Okay, I never dreamed I’d pay money for someone else’s (a stranger at that!) clothes. I found a great resale shop called “Repurposed Thrift Store.” They’re very particular about the clothing they put out on the racks, so everything is rather lovely. I cleaned out closets and took a bunch of my stuff and my husband’s to donate. While I was there, I browsed around. Nice stuff! Good prices. I’ve gotten only a few things for myself. Mostly I get things for my kids. They have some excellent brand-name things – some are new with the tags still on them. Toddlers don’t wear their clothes long enough to wear them out, so things are in great shape. Of course, I wash everything a gazillion times before I put it on my kids!


Triple coupons. We moved to PA a few years ago. Up here some grocery stores double coupons up to $0.50. Well, the city in West Virginia where we moved from had two grocery stores that tripled coupons up to $0.99. So, whenever I go home for a visit, I take my coupon! There is a limit of 5 per visit. I make several visits and bring my parents. We have enough shampoo to last through the apocalypse. I’m prepped and ready for my next trip to West Virginia. I have my $0.50 to $0.99 coupons in groups of 5. I have a lot of buy one get one free candy bars and some $0.50 off one. I can use them together, and they’re practically free. When I fly home for a visit, I take an extra suitcase just for my loot! 


I know a lot of these ways I save money are not new to you that are couponers. But, maybe I’ve mentioned something that someone hadn’t thought of before. If it helps just one person, gives them another idea of how to save money, then this article has served its purpose. Also, the initials R.N. doesn’t stand for raining dollars! Not yet anyway I have a feeling I’ll still be couponing even when we don’t live paycheck-to-paycheck as we do now. I just love to save money!

  1. I always look on freebie/free stuff websites and sometimes they have sites that are giving away a coupon for a free product so sometimes I’ll have a bunch of those to go to the store with! I’ve gotten free cat litter, drinks, cleaning supplies, etc. I love getting free stuff!

    • If your home is like mine, you can never have enough cat liter! We have 6 (yes SIX) adopted rescue cats who share our home!

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